uPVC Patio Doors

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uPVC Patio Doors
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Patio Doors Exterior View

Easy Glide Smooth Steel Tracks

Make opening and closing your patio doors slick and easy

House with Patio Doors Exterior View

Unique Interlocking Quadruple Seals

Flawless insulation that can help reduce heating bills

Patio Door Locking System

Toughened Glass and Multi-Point Locks

Protect your home from intruders and improve security

uPVC Patio Doors from VEKA are designed to maximise natural light without compromising on space. As an alternative to Bi-Fold or French Doors, they offer a beautiful frame for the view from your home, while smooth steel track enables effortless operation.

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How do you measure for uPVC doors?

In order to ensure a good fit for your new uPVC door, it is essential to have the doorway accurately measured by your installer. There are many factors to be mindful of when measuring. You need to get the height and width from the outside opening correct as well as taking into account the plaster thickness inside and the floor height too.  For glazed rear doors including bi-folds or French Doors, getting the right size is essential to be certain that the doors open and close correctly and provide access.

Are uPVC doors soundproof?


uPVC doors are very good at being soundproof due to the conducting properties of the material but it is good to note that if you live on a busy main road, whilst it may reduce it drastically it may not eliminate it all together.

UPVC doors provide improved soundproofing in several ways.

The first is through their internal structure.  The UPVC shell is filled with insulating material, which is primarily designed to prevent heat loss, however it is also a very poor conductor of sound.  This means that unlike a traditional wooden door, where noises are carried through a single layer, with a UPVC door, the sound waves have to travel between multiple surfaces and as such, a lot of the noise is blocked and reflected back.

The second way that a UPVC door will help reduce sound indoors is through the close seal that is formed between the door and frame.  This prevents draughts from entering your home, but also removes a route for noise to get in too.  

While UPVC doors are not specifically designed for soundproofing purposes, they are an effective way of reducing noise.  If you have a specific requirement for noise reduction as part of your project, your installer will be able to advise you about which option is best for your needs based on their knowledge and experience. 

How long do uPVC doors last?

Double glazed uPVC doors can last up to 35 years if they’re looked after properly however most companies guarantee them for 10 years. uPVC doors are made to a very high standard using high quality materials that do not degrade in normal use.  Over time, uPVC should not fade, and in most cases, the door can be cleaned easily to return it to its original look.

Is there a cost difference if I choose a colour on one or both sides of my product?

Yes, if you choose any other colour rather then 'standard white' as a colour internally or externally there is an extra cost. Visit our visualiser to get an estimate for your home improvement or speak to your local installer for further detail.

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